Outdoor Lighting Program


San Patricio Electric Cooperative offers outdoor lighting options to meet the needs of our residential and commercial members. Please contact us for assistance in meeting your lighting needs.


Effective in 2023, SPEC will be transitioning to LED security lights. The co-op will be replacing existing lights with the more efficient LED version as they go bad. Any newly installed lights will be LED. 


For many years, SPEC has used High Pressure Sodium outdoor lighting. However, with continued improvements to lighting efficiency, those bulbs are being phased out and are much harder to source. SPEC has decided to transition to LED lights to ensure it can continue to offer security light service.


All lighting equipment remains property of San Patricio Electric Cooperative. Lighting repairs should be reported to SPEC and will be made during normal business hours.


Lighting Option Monthly Fee
41W LED $17
70W LED $21


Light Maintenance Request
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