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About SPEC

Because we answer to local members like you, rather than out-of-town shareholders, our electric cooperative has a unique understanding of our local needs.

Annual Report

These pages contain information about the operation of your co-op over the last year.


Join Us for Our Annual Meeting

San Patricio Electric Cooperative's Annual Meeting is held the 4th Saturday in September. During the meeting, the results of the board of director’s election will be announced. We encourage you to make your voice heard by casting a ballot in this election. You will receive your ballot the first week of September. For your convenience, you can vote by mail or online.


7 Cooperative Principles

We base our business model on seven cooperative principles. These principles are a key reason that SPEC operates differently from other electric utilities, putting the needs of our members first.

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives

SPEC is part of Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, a nationwide alliance made of more than 750 local, consumer-owned electric cooperatives in 46 states. 

Electricity Sources

Where does our electricity come from? SPEC delivers a diverse, reliable electricity mix to our members.


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