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HALO-Flight Guardian Subscription Plan


HALO-Flight air ambulance service


As a member of SPEC, you may be able to enroll in HALO-Flight's Guardian Subscription Plan at a discounted rate. The air amublance service is available to SPEC's residential members, who meet HALO-Flight's eligability requirements, for just $1 per month. This low rate is made possible through a special billing arrangement that will allow members to pay the HALO-Flight monthly fee as a part of their SPEC monthly electric bill.

If you are interested in receiving HALO-Flight service at the special SPEC member rate, please complete, sign and return this application

When the application process is complete, HALO-Flight will notify SPEC, and we will then begin including the $1.00 charge on your monthly electric bill. 

This special rate and billing arrangement is available only for residential customers of SPEC. When electric service is disconnected, HALO-Flight membership will automatically terminate 30 days after the account has been final billed. To terminate your HALO-Flight membership at any other time, please contact HALO-Flight directly.

What is HALO-Flight?

HALO-Flight is a non-profit air amublance service that has served South Texas since 1987. It transports patients by air to area hospitals. These flights can cost upward of $20,000 but members of HALO-Flight are transported at no cost when the transport is deemed medically necessary. This service can be life-saving, particularly for residents of rural areas who are far from medical services.  If you would like more information about the Guardian Subscription Plan or about HALO-Flight please visit their website at or contact them at 361-265-0509.

What is included in the Guardian Subscription Plan?

  • Insured members are charged no out-of-pocket expenses for HALO-Flight transport deemed medically necessary. Whatever insurance pays is considered payment in full. Uninsured members recieve a 50 percent reduction in the cost of HALO-Flight transport.
  • Coverage anywhere in HALO-Flight’s 26 county service area, and the service area of its reciprocal partner, Dallas CareFlite. (In the event that any members of the Guardian Subscription Plan require services from the reciprocal partner, they will be subject to their terms of agreement.)
  • Coverage for all family members who live in the primary residence listed on the application that you submit to HALO-Flight. To qualify for membership, all residents must be listed on the application. (Includes dependent, custodial and non-custodial children.)
  • A membership card for the primary member and 2 windshield decals for your cars identifying you as a member.

Note: Medicaid recipients are not eligible to join due to government regulations, however HALO-Flight does respond to Medicaid patients without cost.


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