GenerLink Transfer Switches

Portable generator with home and car in the background.

While SPEC does its best every day to ensure you have reliable electric service, there are circumstances beyond its control that can cause power outages. SPEC understands that electricity is essential to its members and is proud to offer solutions to help you power on when power outages do occur. To that end, SPEC is now selling and installing GenerLink Transfer Switches for its members, which can be used in conjunction with a portable generator.

GenerLink is a UL-listed, socket-mounted transfer switch that provides a safe and convenient way to connect a portable generator to your home. The device is installed behind your electric meter by the co-op’s master electrician and delivers generator power directly to your breaker box, without backfeeding onto SPEC’s power lines. This allows you to control which appliances or circuits you want to run through your breaker box, eliminating the hassle of running extension cords through your home during a power outage.

If you’re considering purchasing a GenerLink device, there are a few things you should know about its compatibility:

  • Generlink is only compatible with a 200 Amp Service or less.

  • GenerLink requires a 240V, four-pronged outlet on the portable generator

  • GenerLink recommends using a portable generator with running wattage between 4,400 and 9,500 watts.

  • A generator compatibility guide is available at

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GenerLink Operating Instructions

Once the transfer switch is installed it remains in place for convenient access during a power outage. To operate a portable generator with GenerLink, you first need to turn off all the circuit breakers on your breaker panel. Then simply connect the portable generator to the GenerLink using the provided cord. Next, power up the generator per the procedures in the owner’s manual. Once the generator has been running for 30 seconds, you can turn the circuit breaker on the generator to the ON position to deliver power to the GenerLink. Finally, turn on only the essential breakers in your panel, being mindful not to exceed the maximum running wattage of your generator.