Service Fees

  Business Hours After Hours
Meter Test Fees $60 N/A
Trip Fees*    

False Call--Service or Outage

$90 $200

New Connection with Construction

$100 N/A

Intermittent Service Disconnect

$55 N/A

Connection at Existing Location

$15 for remote connect

$55 for manual connect



Reconnection for Delinquent Account

$75 $200


$75 $200
Return Check Fee $30  
Office Transfer Fee $10  
Repair of Damage to Co-op Facilities At Cost  
Request for Special Services At Cost  
Meter Tampering/Breaking Seal 1st time: $150 2nd time: $300


* A trip fee will be charged each time the Cooperative visits a member's location for the collection of a delinquent payment or to reconnect or disconnect an account. There is no charge to investigate an outage unless it is caused by the member or member's installation or equipment.