Annual Meeting


The Annual Member Meeting is held on the fourth Saturday of September each year.  As owners of the cooperative, all members are invited and encouraged to attend the meeting and to vote in the Board of Directors Election that precedes it. 


The purposes of the meeting are to:


  • Elect directors of the cooperative.  

  • Consider reports of the affairs of the cooperative

  • Transact any other business which may properly come before the meeting.


Attending the Annual Meeting is a great way for SPEC members to make their voice heard as well as an opportunity to get up-to-date information on the well-being of the cooperative. As an added benefit, Christus Spohn Health Services is often invited to conduct a health fair for our members before the meeting takes place. And after the meeting, many of SPEC's attendees walk away with door prizes donated from generous sponsors. 


During the meeting, the results of the board of director’s election will be announced. We encourage you to make your voice heard by casting a ballot in this election. You will receive your ballot the first week of September. For your convenience, you can vote by mail or online.


2023 Annual Members Meeting a Success

On the morning of September 23, 2023, 151 San Patricio Electric Cooperative members and their guests gathered at the Bee County Exposition Center to attend the co-op’s Annual Members Meeting.


Before the business meeting began, members were invited to take part in a free health fair, conducted by Christus Spohn Health Services. Attendees were served a complimentary breakfast of muffins and beverages and were given the opportunity to learn about the co-op through informational displays.


During the business meeting, Board President Tom Mayo, explained that SPEC’s General Manager, Ron Hughes, was recovering from surgery and was not in attendance. In his place, Rose Lujan, SPEC’s Financial Services Manager, addressed the membership. Mrs. Lujan began by thanking members for their patronage to San Patricio Electric Cooperative and for attending the Annual Meeting.


Mrs. Lujan went on to explain that temperatures over the summer have been very hot and thanked the co-op’s linemen for their efforts to keep the lights on for members regardless of weather conditions.


She then explained that SPEC members received a power cost adjustment credit of 1.5 cents per kWh on their last bill. However, she cautioned that may not continue through the rest of the year. Power costs may increase and the co-op will continue to monitor that.


Mrs. Lujan explained that SPEC’s margins are looking good and the co-op is hopeful it will return capital credits to members toward the end of the year. She further explained that the co-op now has the ability to apply capital credit refunds directly to a member’s account, but the co-op needs to know before November if a member would like to apply their allocated funds in that way.


Mrs. Lujan then addressed questions asked by the members.


Annual Meeting Prizewinners

A total of 58 members won door prizes at SPEC’s annual meeting on September 23. Prizes were donated by San Patricio Electric Cooperative, Texas Electric Cooperatives, Schneider Engineering, Lamar Technical Services Inc., Asplundh, Urban Electrical Services, the Nitche Group, Hilti, Osmose, LogoStore USA and M&A Technology.

Members who won prizes were: Ernest Perez, Jaime Garza, Elizabeth Ballew, W. Patrick Gorman, Robert Suniga, Gary Besancon, Jesusa Garcia, H.J. Timon Jr., Benny Chavarria Jr., Robbin Reininger, Carlton Moss, Melissa Cherry, Conrad Conrad, Sijefredo Loa, Margarita Ramos, Nathan Kime, Douglas McIntosh, Adela Meredith, Charity Cook, Richard Garcia, Felipa Ocha, Jessica Burkett, Ermila Franco, Rindle Wilson, Lin Chandler, Larry Jones, Carrie Brockwell, Christel Varnon, Pedro Garcia, Ruben Ramirez, Michelle Perez, Ida Hansen, Olga Marvin, Omarie Kinman, Gregg Babot, Alton Luedke, Russell Wyatt, Rene Cantu, Hector De La Garza, Anna Garcia, Ramiro Romero, Juan Cantu, Toribio Tavarez, Kathryn Reyna, Mario Martinez, Cynthia Ayer, Edwin Arandela, Alejandro Martinez, Rebecca Herschberger, Daniel Smythe, Charlene Parker, Robert Doyle, Robert Valdez, Gus Kaase, Lon Messer, L.J. Lyne, Roy Russell, and Oscar Lopez.

Nomination by Petition

If you want to run for SPEC's Board of Directors, you can request consideration from any member of the nominating committee or complete the nomination by petition form. 

Statement of Qualifications

Our bylaws set specific requirements for those that serve on our Board of Directors. If you're considering running for a director seat, make sure you meet the qualifications. 

Current Board Members

Our Board of Directors are made up of members just like you!  We have a Director to represent each of our six districts, plus a director-at-large, who govern the co-op. 


Learn about your cooperative membership at SPEC.

About SPEC

Because we answer to local members like you, rather than out-of-town shareholders, our electric cooperative has a unique understanding of our local needs.

Annual Report

These pages contain information about the operation of your co-op over the last year.


Our Service Territory

SPEC Service Territory

San Patricio Electric Cooperative provides electric distribution for more than 7,933 members across nine counties: Aransas, Bee, Goliad, Jim Wells, Live Oak, McMullen, Nueces, Refugio and San Patricio. In this area, we maintain more than 3,100 miles of overhead and underground electric lines.


Our service area is divided into six districts. SPEC's membership elects local directors from each district to serve on our Board of Directors. In addition, we have one Director-at-Large, who can come from any district.  The red numbers on the map above correspond with each board district. 



Join Us for Our Annual Meeting

San Patricio Electric Cooperative's Annual Meeting is held the 4th Saturday in September. During the meeting, the results of the board of director’s election will be announced. We encourage you to make your voice heard by casting a ballot in this election. You will receive your ballot the first week of September. For your convenience, you can vote by mail or online.