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When a watch is issued

Eye of a hurricane


When a watch is issued, conditions are favorable for severe weather. During a hurricane watch, you will likely have to deal with some of the severe weather associated with the hurricane. Here's what you can do to prepare before the storm hits full force.

Outside your home:


  • Locate storm shutters, boards, garage door supports and any hardware or tools necessary for installation.


  • Do not prune trees at this time, it is too late. Trash collection will be delayed and loose branches may become dangerous wind-blown projectiles.


  • Fill all your vehicles with fuel. If electricity is off after the storm service stations may not be able to pump gas for several days or longer.


  •  Park your vehicle in the garage or pull it up as close as possible to the side of the home.


  •  Locate water, gas and electric shutoffs. You should shut them off if you evacuate.


Inside your home:


  • Go over your family plan, make sure everyone knows what will be expected of them.


  • Check your hurricane supply list. Make sure you have all the items on hand.


  • Check medical supplies and prescription medicines, you should have at least a two week supply. Check your first-aid kit.


  •  Make sure all battery operated TV's, radios, flashlights and lanterns are in good working order with plenty of spare batteries.


  • Make sure you have enough cash on hand. Lines at the ATM, banks and grocery stores may be long, they could run out of cash or be closed.


  • Make sure everyone knows where the fire extinguisher is located.


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