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Understanding Your Bill: Terminology

Account Number: A billing account number is assigned to each location where a member has established service with SPEC.


Rate: The rate you pay depends on the type of service you need. If you’re a residential customer, you’ll pay a different rate than a business customer. These rate classes also vary based on whether you use single or three phase service along with peak use or demand.


Meter Number: The meter number identifies the meter at the service location for which you are being billed.


Service Address: This is a short description of what is using electricity at this location.


Service From: This is the date your meter was read for the last billing period.


Service To: This is the date you meter was read in this billing period.


No. Days: This is the number of days in the current billing cycle.


Bill Type: There are several different types of SPEC bills. On the back of your bill is a list of the various types and one will match the code listed on your bill.


Previous: This is for the reading made at the beginning of this billing period.


Present: This is for the reading made at the end of the billing period.


Multiplier: If your meter records that you’re using a multiplier, it will be indicated here.


KVA: This is also called "demand." If your service is multi-phase you will also be charged a demand charge and you will have a meter which will measure your peak demand during the period. Most residential members will not see demand charges on their bills.


KWH Use: This is the amount of energy you used during a billing period. It’s calculating by subtracting your previous meter reading from the present reading.


Energy: Your rate plus the Power Cost Recovery Factor for the billing period. The Power Cost Recovery Factor compensates for the fluctuating cost of electricity. Basically, it’s the difference between SPEC’s estimated cost to purchase electricity and the actual cost.


Customer Charge: The base charge for your electric service.


KWH Uses 1 Year Ago: This bill item lets you compare your kWh use today with your use from 1 year ago as a tool to help you better monitor and manage your energy consumption.


Total Amount Due: The amount due for each meter.


Due Date: This is the date payment is due for your electricity service. It occurs 16 days after the day the bill was printed. After this date, the bill is considered delinquent.


Billing Date: The billing date is the date the bill was printed.


Total Due: This is for the total amount due for electric service purchased during this billing period plus any outstanding balances.


The Comparison Table Included on Your Bill: This table is designed to help you better manage your energy use. It lists the number of days in the billing cycle, the kWh used, the average kWh per day and the cost per day for your current billing period, the previous billing period and for the same period last year. This information can help you monitor and manage your energy consumed.


Security Lights: You will only see this if you are being billed for a security light. It covers the energy portion of the light.


Balance Forward: The amount unpaid from the previous bill that was still outstanding at the time your bill was printed. This amount is past due and should be paid immediately if not already paid when you receive our bill.


Levelized Billing: After twelve months of service, you may be eligible for our levelized billing program. In this program, we average your last 12 bills to calculate an average rate that you’ll pay each month. Although this amount can change if you use more or less energy than normal, it can be an easier option on your budget since you’ll know approximately how much you’ll pay for power each month. Contact SPEC's billing department for more information.


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