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Electricity Safety Tips

Power lines on a sunny day

When it comes to electricity, there are three big safety rules you should know:


  1. Electricity is always trying to get to the ground.

  2. Electricity will follow the path of least resistance. 

  3. Electricity travels at the speed of light--186,000 miles per second--you don't.



Lightning is the most powerful form of electricity on Earth. As a form of electricity, lighting is always trying to get to the ground. It's attracted to tall trees, big buildings, chimneys and even people standing out in the open during a storm.

Don't stand under a tall tree to wait for the rain to stop. Go inside the nearest building. Once inside, make sure you safely unplug electronic equipment such as TVs, DVD players, stereos and computers. If lightning strikes the building, it could burn up expensive electrical appliances and equipment that's left plugged into the wall.


For your own safety

  • Don't fly kites near power lines.

  • Don't step out of the car in a power line falls on it

  • Don't climb trees near power lines. 

  • Don't put anything in the power outlet that wasn't intended for it.

  • Don't dig withough checking for underground power lines.

  • Don't tough electric appliances when you are wet or near water.


How can electricity hurt you?

  • It can paralyze your muscles

  • Burn you badly

  • Stop your breathing

  • Stop your heart

  • Kill you


Want more information on electricity safety? We offer a school safety program, specifically designed to teach kids about electrical safety. Call us at 361-364-2220 to learn more!



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