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During the Storm

Safety tips during a storm

Follow these tips to weather the storm when it hits.


  • Stay informed by watching or listening to your local TV or radio stations for updates.

  • Talk or read to young children. Reassure them that it may take a little while, but eventually the storm will pass.

  • Weather conditions will deteriorate rapidly as the storm gets closer. All your preparations should have been made. If you missed something it's too late to go get it.


  • Stay indoors away from windows.


  • Consider turning off circuit breakers before the power goes off. Power surges and spikes can damage electronic equipment. You may leave one breaker on that feeds a lamp so you will know when the power is back on.


  • When the power goes out use flashlights (not candles or kerosene lamps) during the storm.


  • Once you get into your safe room, stay there even if you hear breaking glass or worse.


  • If your house begins to break apart cover yourself with the mattress and pillows. If your safe room is a full bathroom you can get into the bathtub and then cover yourself with the mattress.


  • Stay tuned to your local TV or radio stations. Do not leave your safe room until you hear an official "all's clear". If the wind dies down you may be in the eye of the storm. Winds may resume at any time as strong or stronger.


  • Use the phone for urgent calls only.


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